Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine December 2010


The Next Wave On Show

The companies shown here, along with the firms previously mentioned, are part of the Italian Design Street Walking festivities in New York, celebrating the best of Italian design with an exciting series of special events and promotions. It runs throughout…

The Next Wave Carlo Gugliemi | Fontana Arte

We all need to take stock of our creative capacities against the larger backdrop of a global financial crisis. It’s almost as if we need to interpret this market rather than revive it. This is the first time we’ve found…

The Next Wave

Italian design CEOs talk about how their companies are responding to a shifting, unpredictable global marketplace.

Reference Page: December 2010

Austin: Which Way? Austin is the first city in the United States to test the German Car2go car- sharing system. Inspired by the Paris bike program, Car2go allows users to rent a Smart two-seater and drop it off anywhere in…

The Next Big Thing

With the opening of his newest project—the mammoth 8House in Copenhagen—Bjarke Ingels continues his relentless climb to the top.

Looking Inward

New York City’s historic interiors are an essential part of its character. Keeping them intact, however, poses a knotty preservation challenge.