Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine December 2010


Diamond in the Rough

ARCHITECT: Andre Kikoski Architect When Andre Kikoski was hired to design a new facade for a pair of warehouses in Bushwick, a gritty, gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood, he wanted it to nod to the pointillist, technically challenging skin of Jean Nouvel’s Institut du Monde Arabe, in Paris. “But this is not a watchmaker’s building,” the New York architect says. “And…

Back to Basics

Manufacturer: When Objects Work Richard Meier is no stranger to product design—his oeuvre includes furniture, flatware, wristwatches, and a grand piano—but it’s been quite a while since the venerable New York architect has turned his attention to household objects. Indeed, Meier’s new collection for the Belgian manufacturer When Objects Work (WOW) is his first foray into table-ware since 1983….

The Next Big Thing

With the opening of his newest project—the mammoth 8House in Copenhagen—Bjarke Ingels continues his relentless climb to the top.

The Lure of Craft

From Camilla Fucili I read David Sokol’s article “Born-Again Crafts-man” with great interest (September 2010, p.32). The story of Timothy Liles is a perfect example of the dual nature of the industrial-design discipline. As a RISD student with an undergraduate background in 3-D digital work, I can totally relate to Liles’s point of view: his desire to return to craft,…

Looking Inward

New York City’s historic interiors are an
essential part of its character. Keeping them intact, however, poses a knotty preservation challenge.

Want to Change the World? Not so Fast.

From Bryan Bell I appreciate that Julie Lasky’s article “The (Limited) Power of Good Intentions,” October 2010, p. 66) provides an informative new perspective on the current state of the design-for-social-change movement. The “flood” coming through the editor’s inbox does show a ramping up of efforts by designers. As the Harvard Kennedy School professor Mark Moore’s research shows, to successfully…