Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine February 2006


Give My Regards to the Moynihans

I’m trilled about the Penn Station Project [“Completing the Dream: A Conversation with Maura Moynihan”]. It’s a great legacy to the late Great Senator Patrick Moynihan. But more so, a testament to his never ending concern and work for the…

From the Ashes

A photographic exhibition on the centennial of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake shows a city determined to rebuild.

Flex Space

Moore Ruble Yudell transforms a traditional gymnasium into state-of-the-art dance facilities.

Clean Water Act

Visit the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, in Rotterdam, by February 5, and you may leave with an unlikely souvenir: bottled water. Since November, artists Lucy and Jorge Orta have been pumping murky brownish liquid into the museum from a nearby…

About Face

One could get the wrong impression of the 2F chair from its abbreviation of “Two-Face,” which also happens to be the moniker of a conflicted Batman villain. With a profile of less than an inch and a different appearance on…

Eco Chic

By branding her supermarket with boutique style, a young designer hopes to turn shoppers into accidental environmentalists.

Slim City, Mexico

One of the prime movers behind the restoration of Mexico City’s historic district, billionaire Carlos Slim Helú is also a major investor in the neighborhood.