Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine February 2008


Triple Duty

The innovative upholstery Jeff Jenkins developed for the Meta Chair—a runner-up in the 2004 Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition—reappears in a new chaise longue, Isola, which was short-listed in De Padova and Designboom’s Premio Vico Magis­tretti contest last year. Potato-chip-thin…

Green Growth

Ross Lovegrove’s newest creations, willowy solar-powered streetlamps designed in collaboration with Artemide, are both out of the ordinary and off the grid. The plantlike Solar Trees feature spring-green steel stems topped with photovoltaic cells, which capture sunlight and use it…

It’s About Time

John Maeda’s Timetanium sneaker for Reebok was inspired, in part, by the idea of simplicity. Maeda is something of an expert on the subject. The computer artist and MIT professor, recently named the next president of the Rhode Island School…


Massin answers a few questions on graphic design, inspiration, and process—using his thumbs.

Lovefest 2008

­Due to a recent run of glowing columns, our resident curmudgeon changes the approach to his annual rite.

Coming to America

Tom Dixon’s entry into the U.S. market is the latest phase of a multifaceted career that has spanned everything from sculpture and art direction to industrial and interior design.