Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine February 2008



Massin answers a few questions on graphic design, inspiration, and process—using his thumbs.

Lovefest 2008

­Due to a recent run of glowing columns, our resident curmudgeon changes the approach to his annual rite.

Coming to America

Tom Dixon’s entry into the U.S. market is the latest phase of
a multifaceted career that has spanned everything from sculpture and art direction to industrial and interior design.

Mission-Impossible Architecture

Often faced with complex, even contra­dictory, conditions, Leers Weinzapfel Associates makes an art of designing buildings that play nicely with their surroundings.

Triple Duty

The innovative upholstery Jeff Jenkins developed for the Meta Chair—a runner-up in the 2004 Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition—reappears in a new chaise longue, Isola, which was short-listed in De Padova and Designboom’s Premio Vico Magis­tretti contest last year. Potato-chip-thin but still ergonomic, the upholstery works perfectly for Isola’s triple function as lounge, stool, and desk. “You have this expressive…

Carbon Neutral U

In the age of global warming, the greening of the American college campus is a largely grassroots effort driven by students, faculty, and in-house staff dedicated to sustainable thinking.

Green Growth

Ross Lovegrove’s newest creations, willowy solar-powered streetlamps designed in collaboration with Artemide, are both out of the ordinary and off the grid. The plantlike Solar Trees feature spring-green steel stems topped with photovoltaic cells, which capture sunlight and use it to power the attached LEDs. As Artemide considers the feasibility of putting them into production, a temporary installation of the…