Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine February 2009


Tracking The Future

On the eve of Barack Obama’s New New Deal, a series of compelling photographs illustrates the divide between repair and renewal, despair, and hope.

The Moss Room

Located in the basement of the California Academy of Sciences, in San Francisco, Olle Lundberg’s Moss Room is a free-flowing tribute to the spirit of its region.

Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders talks about the creative process, his “czarina,” and the pleasures of guilty pleasures—using his thumbs.

Ten Tips For Creating a 21st-Century Classroom Experience

Sandy Speicher, who heads the Design for Learning efforts at IDEO, shares powerful lessons for architects and designers creating the schools of tomorrow.

In recent years, IDEO has spent a lot of time and effort thinking about education. The firm’s work with Ormondale Elementary School, in Portola Valley, California, helped pioneer a special “investigative-learning” curriculum that inspires students to be seekers of knowledge. We spoke to Sandy Speicher, who heads the Design for Learning efforts at IDEO. Her insights provide powerful lessons for…

Class Acts

­These smart, stylish furnishings should enliven even the stuffiest academic environs.


Atlanta’s urge for a trendy new central library may mean that time is up for Marcel Breuer’s final building.

The Goldberg Remedy

In a string of voluptuous hospital designs, Bertrand Goldberg rejected boxy patient floors in favor of elegant, intimate clusters. But can his curvaceous forms meet the demands of contemporary health care?