Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine February 2011


A Leg Up

The world’s largest cities are failing in their historic role of providing opportunities for upward mobility.

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Quick-Fix Urbanism One of the wildest examples of the new airport-centered cities described by Greg Lindsay in his and John D. Kasarda’s book, Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next, is New Songdo City, in South Korea. When it’s completed in 2015, it will be the largest private real-estate development in history and, according to, will boast “the wide boulevards…

Winka Dubbeldam

The architect talks about her love of details, her favorite pro-bono project, and the office mascot.

Hope in a Bag

A new portable HIV diagnostic device promises to save thousands of lives in AIDS-stricken Africa.

A Revisionist History?

Metropolis is a source of thoughtful content, a respected voice in the design world, and it lends credibility when it comments. Therefore, I was surprised to see your review of the recent book by Marilyn Neuhart, The Story of Eames Furniture (“Extreme Eames,” by Paul Makovsky, December 2010, p. 28). I also recognize that reading a publisher’s hype versus 800…

Aging By Design

WEB Among the 43 medical devices selected for this year’s iF product-design awards in Hannover, Germany, three in particular should help consumers age in comfort and style. Paint-dipped canes by the New York company Omhu come in six glossy colors inspired by Scandinavian furniture, bicycles, hockey sticks, and skateboards. The ReSound Alera wireless hearing aid uses proprietary technology that…

Biblical Proportions

DESIGNERS Studio Job Studio Job’s gilded new monograph, The Book of Job (Rizzoli, $150), is really two books bound together. One side is what you’d expect from the Dutch provocateurs: a greatest hits of their heroically scaled, multilayered design-art, like the bronze Robber Baron series, which invites comparison between the 19th-century quasicriminal plutocrats and the deep pockets who buy…