Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine February 2012


Living on the Edge

Peter Bohlin has crafted a landscape-hugging house on the border of a picture-perfect nature preserve in Connecticut.

Deluxe Paint Job

Armed with a Newtonian color wheel, the architects at Stamberg Aferiat infuse a midcentury hotel with a burst of visual energy.

Coming Home

Drawing on his experience in a wheelchair, Michael Graves designs the Army’s first fully accessible house for wounded vets and their families.


The Almighty Grid Can’t stand the Byzantine streets of the Levittowns of the world? A new Web site created by Harold Cooper satiates the desires of every gridophile by mapping planet Earth according to Manhattan’s plan. Sparked by the grid’s 200th anniversary, Cooper’s interactive site extends the scheme to nearly every spot on the globe. Just head up to 71,730th…

The Almighty Grid

Although today it seems as natural as air, Manhattan’s system of numbered streets is actually a visionary piece of urban planning.


Daylighting in Chicago FROM ERIN HOGAN In an otherwise interesting exchange on lighting in “Leading Luminaries” (by Barbara Eldredge, Derrick Mead, and Martin C. Pedersen, December 2011, p. 40), it was disturbing to see a patently erroneous statement regarding the Art Institute of Chicago’s Modern Wing, which opened in May 2009. James Benya’s assertion that the building was a “technical…