Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine January 2006


The Art of Dining

David Rockwell helped create the phenomenon of destination dining. Now his firm brings its unique brand of stagecraft to Nobu 57.

Ada Louise Huxtable: History

When architects put themselves into the same category as art personalities and ignore in every way that their art touches the world, it’s not socially responsible. It has a bad physical effect.

Visionaries: Introduction

Visionary thinking requires optimism. Why bother reaching for the stars if you’re convinced we’re all headed straight to hell? These days genuine optimism is in short supply for a very good reason. We may in fact all be headed for some earthly purgatory involving impending global calamity. So how do we proceed? (Passivity and nihilism are not options.) We think…

John Thackara: Cultural Theory

John Thackara, former director of the Netherlands Design Institute, has spent the past decade championing smart design with a conference series, Web site, and global network—based in Amsterdam and Bangalore—called Doors of Perception. Metropolis senior editor Paul Makovsky spoke to Thackara about his latest project, “Designs of the Time (DOTT)”; his new book, In the Bubble: Designing in a Complex…

Pliny Fisk III / Gail Vittori Architecture

Talking to Pliny Fisk III—one of the pioneers of the sustainable-design movement—is both inspiring and confounding. In any given sitting Fisk might discuss bio-regional mapping, fly ash concrete, cybernetics, and E.F. Schumacher all in the same dizzying context. It’s difficult to grasp, but that’s because he isn’t following a conventional approach. For him the planet’s prosperity is inextricably linked to…

Ismaïl Serageldin: Architecture

In 2000 I stumbled upon a book titled The Architecture of Empowerment: People, Shelter and Livable Cities on the disorderly bookshelves of Metropolis and was immediately captivated. Published a few years earlier and edited by Egyptian architect Ismaïl Serageldin, then vice president for Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development at the World Bank, it seemed like the perfect antidote to the…

The Art of Dining Act Six: Epilogue

When asked how Nobu 57 influenced his firm’s subsequent work, David Rockwell says, “The inspirations that filter down from project to project are never quite as clear as they appear to others later.” This is no doubt especially true for the Rockwell Group, which is currently working on dozens of projects across a multitude of disciplines, including health-care facilities, hotels,…