Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine January 2007


The Green Urban Office

With natural lighting and amenities for transportation, HOK’s downtown Toronto studios set the gold standard for office interiors.

Platinum Effort

For Interface’s Atlanta showroom, TVS Interiors achieves LEED’s highest rating by undertaking a rigorous predesign process.

Skin and Bones

Winka Dubbeldam balances substance and style beyond a dazzling glass curtain wall in a New York loft.

Seminar in the Woods

Daylighting, natural ventilation, energy efficiency, and clean materials rule in classrooms for the Evergreen State College by Mahlum Architects.

Object Lesson

The circumvention of SOM’s daylighting scheme for Bank of America shows that user education is essential to sustainable design.

Local Color

Rios Clementi Hale Studios creates an L.A.-centric headquarters for a California nonprofit.

The Beauty of Numbers

Inspired by his work with influential architects, Cecil Balmond searches for that exquisite blend of structural form and structural logic.

Pop Panels

Marcel Proust famously secluded himself in a cork-lined room for the last 15 years of his life, devoting his energies to the monumental Remembrance of Things Past. So why cork? With its closed-cell foam structure, the low-density wood dampens sound and resists bacteria, mold, and ­mildew—enemies of the asthmatic and chronically ill author. In 2001, while studying industrial design at…

Pushing the Envelope

Designer Marian Schoettle has appropriated DuPont Tyvek as the raw material for a line of jackets, skirts, and bags.