Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine January 2008


Chasing the Wind

As rendered, a strangely organic yet unfamiliar form stretches across a valley on Russia’s Lake Ladoga and sweeps down into the water, seeming to take a deep breath along the way. This unconventional structure is London-based Chetwood Associates’ attempt to shift the definition of a wind-energy source. “We want to concentrate and capture the wind to get a much more…

Leather Craft

EcoDomo’s new tiles are made in South America from BMW car-seat scraps, then hand-stitched by Amish artisans.

Into the Woods

An environmental learning center—nestled into a rustic 250-acre nature preserve—plays a dual role as symbol and teaching tool.

Vanishing Point

An architect best known for teaching and theory builds his first project—a Mies-inspired glass house—as a vessel for the disappearing self.

Premium Fit

The principles of green design dovetail almost  perfectly with the organic process of fine wine-making.

Shop Talk

Former NEA design director Jeff Speck talks with Maurice Cox, the architect recently selected to succeed him.

Choice Materials

Three experts look at the green strategies behind a model apartment created as a showcase for sustainable thinking.