Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine January 2008


Calling Cards

Zurich-based Shagal | Inter­dis­­ciplinary Office for Design, Architecture & Arts prides itself on being a zero-waste company—even to the point of adopting secondhand collateral for their own calling cards. “We receive so much paper every day,” cofounder Siamak Shahneshin says. “We thought, Why not reuse it in a way that would ­por­tray our office?” Shagal isn’t the first firm to…

Chasing the Wind

As rendered, a strangely organic yet unfamiliar form stretches across a valley on Russia’s Lake Ladoga and sweeps down into the water, seeming to take a deep breath along the way. This unconventional structure is London-based Chetwood Associates’ attempt to shift the definition of a wind-energy source. “We want to concentrate and capture the wind to get a much more…

Leather Craft

EcoDomo’s new tiles are made in South America from BMW car-seat scraps, then hand-stitched by Amish artisans.

Into the Woods

An environmental learning center—nestled into a rustic 250-acre nature preserve—plays a dual role as symbol and teaching tool.

Vanishing Point

An architect best known for teaching and theory builds his first project—a Mies-inspired glass house—as a vessel for the disappearing self.

Premium Fit

The principles of green design dovetail almost  perfectly with the organic process of fine wine-making.

Shop Talk

Former NEA design director Jeff Speck talks with Maurice Cox, the architect recently selected to succeed him.