Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine July 2006


Funny Memories

Dutch designer Guido Ooms finds humor in contradiction, most recently in a device where nature and technology come together. His USB Memory Sticks ( are encased in what he calls “natural-wood beauties”—small pieces of timber that he finds on the forest floor near his hometown, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The particular branches he is drawn to contain tiny engravings left by…

Google: The Challengers

In the kingdom of search, Google is so dominant that even as competitors match Google’s speed and quality they know that just being as good is not good enough. July 1, 2006 Categories: Uncategorized

Exquisite Font

Inspired by Janet Cardiff’s writing and editing process, Thees Dohrn and Philipp Von Rohden, of Zitromat in Berlin, dismantled the Sabon typeface to create the custom letterforms—pieces of Rs married to pieces of Gs, for example—that lead readers through the author’s newest title, The Walk Book (distributed by D.A.P.), with the same dreamy effect its acoustic narratives bring to the…

Google: 13 Ways to Collaborate

Clive Wilkinson Architects diagrammed 13 work settings for the Googleplex, on a scale from “hot” areas that encourage nomadic work and chance encounters, such as the billiards-ready clubhouse, to “cold” ones intended for quiet, focused concentration, like the enclosed workroom. Within each of these spaces the employees are allowed a great deal of flexibility. “The furniture is highly movable, so…

Pacis Moderna

After more than half a century of stagnation, the Eternal City lives up to its name and makes peace with Modern architecture.

Olympic Champions

Jason Prior embodies a growing trend in place making: the merging of landscape architecture and urban planning. Trained in both professions, Prior heads EDAW’s European operations out of the London office and spearheaded the planning effort behind the city’s successful bid last year for the 2012 Olympics. The scheme—seen largely as an upset—was smartly packaged, presenting the International Olympic Committee…


“Material for your dreams,” reads a page of the press materials for Durat, a polyester-based surface material made by Tonester Ltd. in Rymättylä, Finland. This may be an enticing statement, but Durat is in fact pretty much the opposite: a material mostly used for the eminently practical business of kitchens and bathrooms. Fortunately, the smooth durable plastic meets the needs…