Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine July 2006


Plot Lines

In Copenhagen, two OMA alums create an ingenious housing complex with a staggering variety of apartment layouts.

Map Quest

Calling all aficionados of “locative media practice”—the editors and contributors of Else/Where: Mapping (shout-outs to our own Peter Hall, coeditor, and Stephen Zacks, contributor) have assembled dozens of noteworthy new media-mapping projects into one sprawling tome. With offerings as diverse as examinations of the globalization of football to the swarming patterns of pigeons, an infectious enthusiasm guides the way.

Kopy Kats?

When a discussion erupted on one of our favorite blogs——about two eco-friendly cleansers that have similar packaging, we couldn’t help but recall an earlier episode. In a Spy-like photo comparison, Design Observer posted one bottle from the hip brand Method—allegedly by Karim Rashid—and another from the discount brand Solutions, and encouraged readers to share their thoughts. “The design was stolen,”…


Russel Wright’s “landmark” Manitoga estate: it has a ring to it. And now it’s official. In February, Wright’s self-designed home and studio in New York’s Hudson Valley got the nod from the Department of the Interior. “It was a very rigorous home to live in,” daughter Annie Wright recalled in our March 2001 issue. “ I was really aware of…

Going the Google Route

The challenge was a relatively simple one: take the bus near my home in southeast Portland, Oregon, across the Willamette River to a laboratory just north of downtown on Naito Parkway, about five miles away. I was to plan the trip using Google Transit Trip Planner, a pilot program being tested here that is intended to act as a one-stop…

Wish FulFillment

As children’s stories go, it’s hard to come by a better plot. Crypton, maker of stain-resistant textiles, partnered with designer Sina Pearson to produce a collection called Good Wishes that includes a pattern crafted from cheerful drawings by second- graders. The proceeds from their series of bags will go to Quilts for Kids, a nonprofit that makes blankets for children…