Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine June 2003


Scaling Up for NeoCon 2003

I only arrived a half-hour late to NeoCon this year, a delay more by design than mere tardiness, since I know how congested Chicago’s River North area gets during rush hour. Showing up at 9:30, I thought, would help me miss the madness of the usual commuter crush. So I zipped along in a cab from my North Side apartment,…

More Monolithic Cork Flooring

Composed purely of recycled cork and rubber, Expanko’s XCR3 seems to have a rather high-tech name for an all-natural product. In fact, the moniker is simply an acronym for the tongue-twisting “Expanko cork-rubber, 3rd generation.” Expanko’s iteration of the cork-flooring composite, however, is the first to offer an aesthetic that’s significantly closer to a typical rubber floor in its subtler…

Mock Macs

Armed with digital drafting tools, obsessed Apple fans design the products of their dreams.

Aura Spaces

Blurring the line between public and private, retail and residential, Michael Gabellini creates a minimalism of sensual power.

The Anti-Big Dig

Two Toronto architects reimagine urbanism’s bête noir—the blighted space beneath an elevated highway.

Wireless Evolution

No longer a dot-com pipedream, the “virtual office” finally works—and on a grand scale—at the new home of Norway’s telecom giant.

Old School

Princeton visiting professor Peter Eisenman throws down the gauntlet over a Gothic-style dorm.

My Architect, Myself

The mystery of Louis Kahn’s life was as compelling as his buildings. Thirty years after his death, his filmmaker son goes in search of the true Lou with the documentary My Architect.