Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine June 2006


New Dimensions

Already famous for its bold patterns, the Rug Company is forging unconventional partnerships with product designers.

Ready-Made Replicas

For those on somewhat of a budget, there’s Design Within Reach (DWR). For those on a real budget, there’s Design Without Reach, 27-year-old product designer Rob Price’s answer to DWR’s creative monopoly. “I’d love to have some of these high-end design pieces,” he says of the company’s products, “but they’re still unattainable.” The solution? As an offshoot of a collaborative…

Premium Blend

“A blender is a very straightforward machine,” German designer Konstantin Grcic says in reference to his design for the Krups KB720. “The challenge is to come up with something that makes it distinctive.” Although it resembles most blenders in its basic form, the KB720—which makes its American debut at ICFF—is indeed distinctive: at 1,100 watts, it is one of the…

In Bloom

Bursting with sensuality, Little Wonder’s new series of porcelain vases, “Opening,” is its debut venture with Rosenthal. The studio’s Gyungju Chyon and John Sadar are also the first Canadians to design for the manufacturing giant, and if the organic vessels launched at Frankfurt’s Ambiente in February are any measure, the collaboration is clearly blossoming. June 1, 2006 Categories: Uncategorized

Out of the Computer

Virginia San Fratello tries to convert her Next Generation® prize-winning proposal for a Hydro Wall from digital rendering to material prototype.


Whether it’s modular living, eco-friendly lighting, or helping out around the house, technology is increasingly playing a greater role in domestic life. The prototypes and products shown here indicate what the home might be like in the near future.