Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine June 2006


In Bloom

Bursting with sensuality, Little Wonder’s new series of porcelain vases, “Opening,” is its debut venture with Rosenthal. The studio’s Gyungju Chyon and John Sadar are also the first Canadians to design for the manufacturing giant, and if the organic vessels…

By Its Cover

There’s more to the latest series of Penguin Classics Deluxe Editions than good stories. Featuring custom cover art by renowned graphic artists, the first six volumes of inspired pairings (more will be released this fall) include Seth’s sublime lines for…

Stunning Effects

A geriatric poker mishap, a surprise party, and a windblown beauty breezing toward her kneeling beau enliven Ikea’s offerings in a hybrid commercial/movie/Web site ( Spin Matrix-style through Ikea-appointed interiors with inhabitants suspended mid-fiasco, and click deeper into the rooms…

Public Interest

Green design goes prime time this June when PBS airs Design: e2: The Economies of Being Environmentally Conscious. Narrated by Brad Pitt and featuring our own editor in chief, Susan Szenasy, the six-episode documentary explores issues in sustainable architecture, highlighting…

All About Yves

With a new lamp for Herman Miller—and an emerging role as an educator—Yves Béhar brings his story-driven approach to the mainstream.

Back to the Future

As industrial designer Viktor Schreckengost celebrates his 100th birthday, his family seeks to preserve his life’s work and the house where it was made.

From Here to Utopia

Joel Sternfeld’s engaging look at experimental communities taps into the American quest for the perfect alternative.

New Dimensions

Already famous for its bold patterns, the Rug Company is forging unconventional partnerships with product designers.


Whether it's modular living, eco-friendly lighting, or helping out around the house, technology is increasingly playing a greater role in domestic life. The prototypes and products shown here indicate what the home might be like in the near future.

Step into Design

Despite its alarming size, Phaidon Design Classics is actually surprisingly thrifty. Each of the 999 industrially manufactured objects featured in its three encyclopedic volumes is illustrated, most by a photograph that perfectly balances a sparse entertaining story about its creation…

Ready-Made Replicas

For those on somewhat of a budget, there’s Design Within Reach (DWR). For those on a real budget, there’s Design Without Reach, 27-year-old product designer Rob Price’s answer to DWR’s creative monopoly. “I’d love to have some of these high-end…