Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine June 2007


Ilse Crawford

Ilse Crawford answers a few questions on interior design, inspiration, and process—using her thumbs.

It’s Got Legs

When faced with outfitting their studio, architects Della Valle and Bernheimer decided to invest time and effort into creating a lively new worktable with real mass-market appeal.

A Healthy Obsession

With its focus on the patient experience and fierce dedication to green materials, Guenther 5 looks to remake the hospital paradigm.

Coming Together

The team of designers behind a Noah’s ark gallery in Los Angeles reflects the values of the Old Testament story.

Product Innovation

The IAC interiors were a dramatic departure from Studios Architec­ture’s previous breakthrough project—the Bloomberg New York headquarters (see “Total Design,” November 2005), where every product and design flourish reflected the brand. “Bloomberg’s culture has an absolute precision and a definition…


It’s finally Friday, and you’re ready to plan a relaxing evening with friends. First you’d like to go to a small dimly lit bar, and then a restaurant—preferably one with seviche. Afterward you want to take in a movie (better…