Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine March 2003


With the Grain

“All the fun things that can be done with plywood are in the past,” designer Kevin Walz says about one of the most important innovations in wood furniture design. In order to bring something new to his recent collection of…

Sound Barrier

A musical art piece approaches the delicate subject of suicide prevention with an affirmation of life.

The Next Wave

Aboard a new firm called Lolah, an unlikely crew of traditional boat builders and high-end designers finds itself riding high on the sometimes choppy waters of modern furniture design.

Starting Small

Step by step, David Small’s design innovations are moving technology off the screen and into your life.

Thom Mayne’s Moment

Six years ago he was the rowdy prince of paper architecture. Now he’s got eight major projects in the works. Has success tamed this confrontation artist?