Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine March 2006


How to Wrap 5 Jewels

No need for Japan’s fashionable consumers to swarm the Champs-Elysées to be suffused by the Louis Vuitton experience: since 1978 the Parisian brand has been practically colonizing the Land of the Rising Sun, in addition to opening hundreds of stores elsewhere around the world. March 1, 2006 Categories: Uncategorized

The Active Edge

Designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Brooklyn Bridge Park seems destined to become New York’s third great urban landscape.

The Road Not Taken

Among the morsels in Chip Kidd: Book One—the star book designer’s monograph of covers and ephemera documenting his process and rise to fame—is the 1986 date book from Kidd’s postcollege job hunt in New York. The agenda has him scurrying from Pentagram to Pushpin with his student portfolio, itching for a position at a multidisciplinary design outfit with no apparent…

Museum on the Mount

New York-based architect David Hotson lands a commission for the most prominent site in Armenia. Sited on the most high-profile piece of real estate in Yerevan, Armenia, the Gerard L. Cafesjian Museum of Art had to not only showcase modern art and luminous works of studio glass but also reconnect the small country in the lesser Caucasus mountains with its…

A Legacy in Clay

Edith Heath came of age on an Iowa farm during the Great Depression, a “waste not, want not” upbringing that was reflected in her pottery and tableware—objects beautiful in their strength and simplicity. The Bay Area-based ceramist’s organic shapes with natural hues—made of clay she developed using materials from local pits and finished with her own distinctive speckled glaze—became the…

Breaking the Mold

Using unconventional thinking and smart design processes, Arik Levy transforms everyday household objects into beautiful works of art.

Beyond Black + White

Philip Freelon built his practice from the ground up—and now he’s the go-to architect for African-American cultural commissions.