Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine March 2007


Collision Course

A blistering legal battle over Berlin’s new main train station raises the question: Who really controls a public building’s design—the architect or the client?

Climate Modeling

From its outer skin to its central rainwater tank, Paul Morgan’s house was designed with the setting in mind.

Boys’ and Girls’

When designing the washroom of L’Atelier, a tiny new members-only lounge in Toronto’s trendy King West neighborhood, Antonio Tadrissi had to consider two powerful constituencies: men and women. Tadrissi, one of the club’s owners, wanted both sexes to gather in the eight-stall bathroom and socialize at its communal mirror. “The idea behind L’Atelier is to be a Parisian apartment, or…

A Civic Act

Daniel Libeskind parlayed his high-profile addition to the Denver Art Museum into a commission for neighboring condominiums—and created a successful urban space in the process.

Let There Be Light

Capitalizing on advances in technology and materials, five emerging designers remake the illuminated world.

Hawkeye Urbanism

A satellite architecture program planned for Sioux City, Iowa, aims to promote downtown arts and culture.

Total Access

Three European kitchen systems prove that universal design and high-end aesthetics are not incompatible.