Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine March 2008


Local Inspirations

The Campana brothers have created an engaging body of work that’s both global and deeply tied to their Brazilian roots.

Sizing China

The world’s first digital database of Asian head and face shapes could help change the way all industrial designers think about ergonomics and fit.

Questions for Alexandre Nucinovitski

The Times’s longtime architecture critic breaks his silence and reveals what compelled him to come forward with his allegations, how high up the conspiracy goes, and what (or who) is the “Bilbao-12.”

Whose Property Rights?

The clash between private interests and public welfare in Oregon raises a question that has vexed the nation since its founding.

Beech Boy

With its curved beech-and-oak construction and natural wood finish, Naoto Fukasawa’s new Hiroshima chair may seem like a departure for the Japanese designer. After all, his best-known products, for Muji and the consumer-electronics brand Plus Minus Zero, are overwhelmingly in plastic. Hiroshima, by contrast, looks like an updated version of one of Hans Wegner’s iconic armchairs. But this chair—the result…

Camper or Camp?

In the last two years, Jaime Hayon has designed five stores for the Majorcan footwear giant Camper. Now he has his own shoe, a sporty dance number with a sneaker sole, drenched in color. To really pull off the look, we recommend tying your laces in a jaunty loop, as above. March 1, 2008 Categories: Uncategorized

Fast Learners

The transformation of Mata Ortiz— renowned today for its pottery—is a recent phenomenon.

Inga Sempé

Inga Sempé answers a few questions on industrial design, inspiration, and process—using her thumbs.