Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine March 2008


Local Flavors Typography

Sibylle Hagmann Sweat drips if one dares to go outside between noon and 5 p.m. during the summer in Houston. These are unpublished typefaces, designed at home in the thermal comfort of AC while steering clear of the muggy outside air that is filled with a savor of BBQs. Cyrus Highsmith There is Providence, and then there is H. P….

Whose Property Rights?

The clash between private interests and public welfare in Oregon raises a question that has vexed the nation since its founding.

Bringing it Home

Localism is an American tradition that goes back pretty much to the Declaration of Independence: the right to make one’s own laws, to be self-governed, to pay taxes only as it benefits one’s community. It is in some ways a deeply con­serv­­ative tendency, siding with the familiar symbols of the tribe and its beliefs, practices, and site-specific references against the…

Local Flavors

This section of the magazine serves as a sort of introduction to the main event. Here we have invited some of our favorite writers—Bruce Sterling, John Hockenberry, James Howard Kunstler, Joel Kotkin, and Roberta Brandes Gratz—to weigh in on the subject of localism. Their range of responses highlighted for us the richness and enormity of the issue. For visual pacing…

Fast Learners

The transformation of Mata Ortiz— renowned today for its pottery—is a recent phenomenon.