Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine March 2011



Leddy Maytum Stacy’s new Ed Roberts Campus epitomizes the firm’s commitment to socially relevant design.

One for the Road

Norman Foster and a team of auto restorers finally realize a roadworthy version of Buckminster Fuller’s legendary (and legendarily flawed) Dymaxion Car.

Amy Lau

The interior designer talks about trailblazing mentors, Greek cave houses, and the glories of tequila.

Prep School

A scrappy little organization in downtown Los Angeles provides an alternative path into top architecture schools.

Material Mimicry

Faux design is in demand. With advances in reproductive-image technologies, workhorse materials like porcelain tile and furniture upholstery can now adopt the look of wood, glass, oxidized metal, and natural fibers. Delicate-looking materials prove durable and easy to clean, and…

Small Wonder

Rem Koolhaas and Clément Blanchet outfit a tiny Parisian bistro with marble, mirrors, and a hint of Hellenistic architecture.

Shelf Life

The medicine cabinet is a highly useful invention, but it has seen few innovations since man first thought to stash his Band-Aids and prescription- drug bottles behind the bathroom mirror. That finally changed, however, at January’s Maison et Objet, in…

Ones to Watch

WEB Here’s a good lesson for aspiring designers: get used to making things that you will probably never be able to afford. But that was hardly the only real-world lesson to come out of a recent collaboration between…