Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine May 2003


Pablo Pardo’s Mini Ventana Light

Being featured in the publications like Metropolis and Design Within Reach hasn’t gone to Pablo Pardo’s head. The lighting designer still exhibits his own designs on the floor of ICFF. Based on the popular Ventana floor and table lamps, the Mini Ventana utilizes the same lighting design and tensile structure on a smaller scale for wall-mountable fixtures. What sets this…

Generation Collaboration: The Next Wave of Design Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship usually evokes individuality and self-motivation, but community building was a big theme at Metropolis' “Design Entrepreneurs” conference.

Entrepreneurship generally evokes qualities of individuality and determined self-motivation, so it seemed odd to find community building such a consistent topic at the Metropolis Conference, “Design Entrepreneurs,” presented at ICFF on Monday, May 19. As the emergent theme, however, it underlined the fact that design is, by nature, a collective enterprise. Or as Jennifer Carpenter of Truck put it more…

Under the Sea

Ayala Serfaty’s colorful lighting fixtures and furniture sometimes recall creatures of the deep: bright coral, tangled seaweed, soft anemones.

Fit for Queens

A well-designed gift shop demonstrates the Queens Museum of Art’s ability to make a little go a long way.

Industrial Strength

Julie Bargmann’s on a mission: Can a tough girl from New Jersey teach the EPA how to make Superfund sites live and breathe again?

Sky Lab

Simulations at Seattle’s Daylighting Lab teach designers just how green their buildings can be.

White Nights: Photo Essay

Here is a selection of web exclusive images from photographer David Allee whose work explores the harsh but ethereal effect of artificial light on man-made environments. May 1, 2003 Categories: Uncategorized

Investigative Architecture

With an appropriately transparent facade, the Newseum aims to enliven stodgy Pennsylvania Avenue and celebrate our right to free speech.

White Nights

Photographer David Allee explores the harsh but ethereal effect of artificial light on man-made environments.

The Sure Thing

Whatever else may happen at the World Trade Center site, Anita Contini’s job—overseeing the memorial design competition—is on solid ground.