Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine May 2004


The ICFF Newsstand

Harry Allen’s Newsstand for the ICFF’s international media sponsors (Abitare, Domus, Frame, Interi, Intramuros, and Wallpaper*) cuts a friendly, if not curious, figure amid this year’s exhibitor booths. Constructed from Styrofoam insulation panels and colored painter’s tape, the igloo-like form…

A Day In The Light

To test the groundbreaking scheme for its new headquarters, the New York Times has launched an elaborate building study: a 24-hour experiment in lighting design.

A Bird? A Plane? A Blob.

There may be an increase in UFO sightings in London next March. Rumi Verjee, a millionaire best known as a shareholder (with Sir Elton John) of the soccer team Watford F.C., is financing a 72-foot-diameter helium balloon to float over…

Opposing Forces

Lessons in sustainability one day, conspicuous consumption the next: Where do our kids find themselves in this confusing world?