Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine May 2004


The ICFF Newsstand

Harry Allen’s Newsstand for the ICFF’s international media sponsors (Abitare, Domus, Frame, Interi, Intramuros, and Wallpaper*) cuts a friendly, if not curious, figure amid this year’s exhibitor booths. Constructed from Styrofoam insulation panels and colored painter’s tape, the igloo-like form comments subtly on the extreme packing and shipping measures many exhibitors must take for their products to arrive at the…

A Day In The Light

To test the groundbreaking scheme for its new headquarters, the New York Times has launched an elaborate building study: a 24-hour experiment in lighting design.

A Bird? A Plane? A Blob.

There may be an increase in UFO sightings in London next March. Rumi Verjee, a millionaire best known as a shareholder (with Sir Elton John) of the soccer team Watford F.C., is financing a 72-foot-diameter helium balloon to float over Brick Lane, the heart of London’s Bangladeshi community. Its surfaces will swim with news, digital art, entertainment, and inevitably, advertising,…

Opposing Forces

Lessons in sustainability one day, conspicuous consumption the next: Where do our kids find themselves in this confusing world?