Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine May 2005


Shu U, Part II

Known for her innovative space planning, Florence Knoll Bassett (“Shu” to her friends) recently designed an installation of her work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Since interviewing the legendary designer, I’ve become one of her many dedicated fans. Bassett defined the look for corporate interiors in the 1950s and profoundly influenced post-World War II design. The recent exhibition Florence…

Green Incentive

For the interior designer of the New York Environmental Defense offices, sustainability is a pragmatic choice.

Power House

Bulthaup’s new kitchen floats—thanks to a superstrong wall unit that supports up to one ton per meter.

Light Sculpting

Using a series of ingenious curtains, Petra Blaisse remakes a Belgian house, creating interiors of dramatic complexity.

Art for Information’s Sake

Designing the welcoming signage for the Museum of Modern Art’s high-profile expansion posed a special challenge. “How can I generate something creative and cohesive that is still informative?” Mikon van Gastel, of Imaginary Forces, asked himself. Using a row of nine 40-inch LCD screens, the designer fashioned what he calls a “kinetic bar code” behind the ticketing desk. Employing technology…

Next Foot Forward

Nike’s spring collection of sneakers tells us something about the state of industrial design—and the cultural forces shaping it.