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Events for Friday, May 18

New York Talks-Design: High Line 4-4:45 p.m., reception 5-6:30 p.m. @Bumble & Bumble, 413 W 13th St RSVP 212-924-0510, New York-Milano Made in Italy Design 4 p.m. @ Soho Grand Hotel, Harbor Room, 310 W Broadway RSVP 212-929-2196, The Apartment Spills Its Contents Cocktail Party 6-9 p.m. @101 Crosby St RSVP 212-219-3661 x 17, <a data-cke-saved-href="mailto:" href="mailto:""="">…

Trends: Treat Your Feet

Rugs this year are textured and raised, patterned and hand-made. It’s enough to keep the focus on the floor. Literally. August 26, 2013 Categories: Uncategorized

No Bounce

A textile designer serves up her sound-dampening technique at England’s National Tennis Centre.

Family Dynamic

Economical space planning is the key to sustainability in a house Toronto architects Dean Goodman and Janna Levitt built for their changing needs.

Palm Woven

A plywood made from coconut palms makes use of the trees at the end of their agricultural life cycle.

Without Thought

Naoto Fukasawa’s exquisite synthesis of east and west has produced a wide range of products in seeming perfect balance. His objects, however, merely look simple.

A Stitch in Time

MS&R Architects’ unusual adaptation of five historic industrial buildings made the move of Urban Outfitters’ headquarters from downtown Philadelphia to its decommissioned navy yard a seamless one.

Into the Woods

Milwaukee architects craft a stunning lakeside retreat that blends naturally into the rugged hillside setting.