Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine May 2007


Events for Friday, May 18

New York Talks-Design: High Line 4-4:45 p.m., reception 5-6:30 p.m. @Bumble & Bumble, 413 W 13th St RSVP 212-924-0510, New York-Milano Made in Italy Design 4 p.m. @ Soho Grand Hotel, Harbor Room, 310 W Broadway RSVP 212-929-2196,…

A Stitch in Time

MS&R Architects’ unusual adaptation of five historic industrial buildings made the move of Urban Outfitters’ headquarters from downtown Philadelphia to its decommissioned navy yard a seamless one.

Space-Age Wisdom

What extreme environments designed for keeping humans alive in space can teach us about living on Earth

Healthy Cooking

Electrolux’s latest design competition supposes that how we prepare our food can help curb the international obesity epidemic.

Born Again

After stumbling onto a neglected Modern chapel, architect William Rey Ashfield is leading the effort to restore it.

Without Thought

Naoto Fukasawa’s exquisite synthesis of east and west has produced a wide range of products in seeming perfect balance. His objects, however, merely look simple.

Into the Woods

Milwaukee architects craft a stunning lakeside retreat that blends naturally into the rugged hillside setting.

Die Another Day

The cycle of codependence between critics and stars does a disservice to both public and profession alike.