Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine November 2003


Flex Time

Faced with demanding residential and workplace requirements, designers invent versatile, high-performance products.

China’s Fast Track: Photographs by Tony Law

Last year 24-year-old photographer Tony Law won a Fulbright grant to document the modernization of China. “China right now is going through a period of very, very rapid growth,” he says. “The whole country is changing ten times faster than the natural evolution of a country.” Law captured signs of development in four of China’s biggest cities—Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and…

You’ve Got Mail

From a distance the exterior of 50 Murray Street—a massive, squat structure that was once the Internal Revenue Service’s New York home—appears grim and imposing. The 22-story 1960s office building, which was recently converted to residential use, straddles an entire city block in Lower Manhattan and looks exactly like government-issue architecture from that less enlightened time. But as residents approach…

Green Space

In the country’s first green residential tower, a temporary showcase interior offers lasting ideas.

The Continental Divide

What accounts for the differences between Europe’s workplaces and our own? Three American interior designers offer analysis and insight.