Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine November 2003


Green Space

In the country’s first green residential tower, a temporary showcase interior offers lasting ideas.

The Continental Divide

What accounts for the differences between Europe’s workplaces and our own? Three American interior designers offer analysis and insight.

Flex Time

Faced with demanding residential and workplace requirements, designers invent versatile, high-performance products.

China’s Fast Track: Photographs by Tony Law

Last year 24-year-old photographer Tony Law won a Fulbright grant to document the modernization of China. “China right now is going through a period of very, very rapid growth,” he says. “The whole country is changing ten times faster than…

You’ve Got Mail

From a distance the exterior of 50 Murray Street—a massive, squat structure that was once the Internal Revenue Service’s New York home—appears grim and imposing. The 22-story 1960s office building, which was recently converted to residential use, straddles an entire…