Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine November 2005


Boutique on Rye

The Tel Aviv showroom for Israeli clothing line Delicatessen, by architect Guy Zucker, is inspired by the mutable nature of fashion itself. “Constant change is the most interesting thing about the fashion world,” he says. “I am always curious about where the line is drawn between the ephemeral and the stationary in architecture.” With that in mind Zucker set out…

The Life Botanic

Chris Garofalo’s transition from graphic designer to ceramist was evolutionary. “At first I did more painting on pieces than actual textures,” the Chicago-based artist says. “Eventually I wanted them to look like they grew by themselves, that my hand wasn’t involved. So I started doing less painting and more glazes that looked like skin and fur—natural things.” Garofalo’s work blurs…

By The Numbers

Information—key to the Bloomberg empire—becomes an intrinsic part of the visual experience.


Artemy Lebedev was tired of relying on little stickers placed on the bottom right-hand corners of each key as he alternated between typing in the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. In response to the frustrations expressed by multilingual typists like himself, Lebedev—one of six art directors at the multidisciplinary Moscow-based design collective Art Lebedev—engineered Optimus, a versatile universal keyboard programmed to…

Chattanooga Crossroads

After completing an ambitious waterfront initiative the city recently changed leadership, raising the question: Is this the end of 20 years of urban enlightenment?

The Bloomberg Experience

Workplace design has long been on the verge of adapting a twenty-first-century model—even before the millennium rolled around. The dot-com boom of the 1990s dramatized the energy of the electronic workplace then went bust. But in those heady days we learned that instant, global, and seamless communication was becoming a reality. However, this new web of connections remains for many…


America’s mania for big has reached epic proportions. Bigger is now more than just better—it’s ginormous!