Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine November 2006


Designer Chairs for Cheap

After previewing a new line of chairs and bar stools to fanfare this spring, Jack Markuse assumed it would be easy to land floor space for his new company, Appoggi. But although the designs—by Richard Gluckman, Arquitectonica, SHoP, and others—were a hit at the furniture shows, he has yet to find a New York showroom. Markuse suspects the problem isn’t…

Pantone Paints

Let’s say you’d like to paint your bathroom the color of your favorite tie—or your living room the precise shade of white used inside the Museum of Modern Art.

Kettle One

Eva Zeisel turns 100 this month, and the legendary designer shows little sign of slowing down. In recent years she has created new products for Crate and Barrel, Nambé, Lomonosov, and KleinReid; and now Chantal has released the Eva Kettle, her first teakettle. Like so many of Zeisel’s designs (numbering more than 100,000), the brushed stainless-steel vessel strikes a just-right…

The Art of Collecting

We may all rely on practical lists to help order our lives, but Gregory Blackstock elevates list-making to an art form. His visual taxonomies—published this fall by Princeton Architectural Press as Blackstock’s Collections—span the generic to the unexpected. The Great World Crows contains 20 examples of that unremarkable genus, for example, while The Noisemakers lumps the traditional party popper with…

Tastes Great, Less Waste

Conscientious beer drinkers in Denmark have good reason to toast. Copenhagen-based Tuborg beer has employed the world’s first refillable plastic beer bottles. While it’s news to us, Danes have dutifully returned the company’s empty bottles since 1999. They are then sterilized and refilled—up to 20 times—with Tuborg brew. Not that we needed another excuse to drink. November 1, 2006 Categories:…

A Shifting Landscape

To create points of interest throughout their 47 acres,
Johnson and Whitney perpetually modified the grounds. This evocative photo essay captures key moments of a walk through the estate.

Extending the Legacy

Curators at the Glass House—which opens to the public in April—face an intriguing challenge: linking the restless, insatiably curious spirit of its creator to a living future.

Greener Education

Parks and organizations worldwide are learning “public-space management” from the Central Park Conservancy.

Martha Schwartz

Martha Schwartz answers a few questions on landscape architecture, inspiration, and process using her thumbs.

Following Their LEED

U.S. Green Building Council president Rick Fedrizzi calls Rick Cook and Bob Fox “two of the greenest architects on earth.” So it’s no surprise that when they set out to create a new home for Cook + Fox Architects, their New York−based firm, the strategy was driven by two well-known maxims. The first, quoted frequently by Cook, belongs to microbiologist…

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

Philip Johnson orchestrated a scene around his impeccable eccentricity, and his Glass House was the hub of this extravaganza.