Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine November 2008


City Scenes

The urban thoroughfare gets a star turn in Street Art, Street Life, a new exhibition at Arquitectonica’s two-year-old addition to the Bronx Museum of the Arts. Carousing through a half century of artistic provoca­tions and watershed moments—including work by Garry Winogrand, Joseph Beuys, Martha Rosler, and Fatimah Tuggar—the show shatters conventions of genre, race, sexuality, history, and geography, and begs…

Patrizia Moroso

Patrizia Moroso answers a few questions on industrial design, education, and inspiration—using her thumbs.

The Painted Building

For three decades Steven Holl has used watercolors—drawn each morning, before the deadlines kick in—as a springboard toward the creation of architecture.

New Wave

An undulating design by West 8 gives Toronto access to its waterfront.

Sexy Drive

Freecom’s pocket-size storage device comes in a supple rubber case by Sylvain Willenz.


A spirited survey of recent buildings around the world, Strike a Pose: Eccentric Architecture and Spectacular Spaces (Gestalten, $89) takes its title and organizational conceit from snatches of pop lyrics. You can read co-editor Lukas Feireiss’s heady argument for the metaphorical connection between music and architecture in the book’s preface. But feel free to skip right to the show-stopping projects…