Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine November 2008


New Wave

An undulating design by West 8 gives Toronto access to its waterfront.

Sexy Drive

Freecom’s pocket-size storage device comes in a supple rubber case by Sylvain Willenz.

Patrizia Moroso

Patrizia Moroso answers a few questions on industrial design, education, and inspiration—using her thumbs.


A spirited survey of recent buildings around the world, Strike a Pose: Eccentric Architecture and Spectacular Spaces (Gestalten, $89) takes its title and organizational conceit from snatches of pop lyrics. You can read co-editor Lukas Feireiss’s heady argument for the metaphorical connection between music and architecture in the book’s preface. But feel free to skip right to the show-stopping projects…

Less is More

Whether the shift away from ornate forms is merely part of the pendulum swing of taste or a response to the recent call for the “super normal,” there is no shortage of understated design hitting the market. Fortunately, many of these low-profile pieces are also standout examples of ex-quisite detailing and craftsmanship, such as Matthias Weber’s Ono chair for Dietiker,…

City Scenes

The urban thoroughfare gets a star turn in Street Art, Street Life, a new exhibition at Arquitectonica’s two-year-old addition to the Bronx Museum of the Arts. Carousing through a half century of artistic provoca­tions and watershed moments—including work by Garry Winogrand, Joseph Beuys, Martha Rosler, and Fatimah Tuggar—the show shatters conventions of genre, race, sexuality, history, and geography, and begs…