Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine November 2011


Collaborations Welcome | Bacteria at Work

Among the serendipitous synergies that have sprouted at 33 Flatbush Avenue is an ongoing collaboration between the design and research firm Decker Yeadon and Dr. Oliver Medvedik of Genspace, a new community biotech lab. Their work focuses on water quality,…

Acting Like a Start-Up

After designing offices for a veritable who’s who of Silicon Valley tech firms, Studio O+A has a new challenge: bringing the behemoths back to their renegade roots.

Brand New World

Our retail roundup includes kiosks, pop-ups, hidden shops, and a virtual experience activated by QR codes. All of this raises the intriguing question: What is a store today anyway?

Knowing Where To Stand

For 50 years, the architectural photographer Norman McGrath has displayed the unique ability to find precisely the right angle from which to convey a building’s real essence.

Image Control

The winners of the Living City Design Competition give Paris a futuristic, green makeover.


News In September, the MacArthur Foundation announced its 2011 fellows. Among them is the Chicago architect Jeanne Gang, who is one of only five architects ever to have received the honor often called the “genius grant.” We wrote about Gang’s…