Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine October 2006


DIY Defibrillator

Think you could remember CPR in an emergency? Would it even be enough? Thanks to a collaboration between its medical and consumer-products divisions, Philips is now offering the HeartStart Home Defibrillator. The device—think of it as “defibrillation for dummies”—features cutting-edge technology and clear voice instructions to guide even the uninitiated user safely through an emergency. October 1, 2006 Categories: Uncategorized

Civic Fashion

Stand up, Akron! Tell the world about your rubber! The “City of” series of shirts, designed by Campfire, is created with a sense of regional pride. “But a sarcastic, open-eyed insider kind of pride,” says Micah Kraus, who started the company with Nick Caruso and Andy Taray in August 2005. Currently 13 cities are available online at, but the…

The Art of Layering

After two intensive years of research, Hella Jongerius and Maharam have produced a textile that juxtaposes handiwork and industrial processes.

Sculpting Infinity

Erwin Hauer’s enticing wall screens captivated the likes of Marcel Breuer, Philip Johnson, and Florence Knoll Bassett. Now the artist enters the digital age.

Our Ailing Communities

Public-health advocate Richard Jackson argues that the way we build cities and neighborhoods is the source of many chronic diseases.

Good Times

By resisting easy temptations Renzo Piano has ­accomplished something rare: unstrained symbolism.

Lorraine Wild

Lorraine Wild answers a few questions on graphic design, inspiration, and process—using her thumbs.

Diva in the House

The reigning queen of architecture talks about gender-specific buildings, the controversy behind her new Museum of Contemporary-Contemporary Art, and the difference between organic and regular Deconstructivism.

Next Phase: Asymptote 3.0

The day the $1.4 million Alessi flagship store was scheduled to open on Soho’s Greene Street, a dozen or so workers were still stomping over the freshly poured epoxy flooring, heaving a $14,000 La Marzocco espresso machine into its alcove, wiring lighting into custom shelving, touching up vacuum-formed wall fixtures. The contractors had been granted an extra 12 hours to…

Starting Out Small

By building a single-family house on land too tiny for other developers, one young Toronto firm is making a name for itself.