Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine October 2007


Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer answers a few questions on lighting design, inspiration, and process—using his thumbs.

Without Redundancy

In the wake of the Minneapolis tragedy, our columnist asks: As the interstate highway system ages, are other failures inevitable?

Home Stretch

Before opening her New York–based design studio in 1996, Sandy Chilewich cofounded HUE, a women’s-legwear company. So it seems appropriate that her studio’s first product—Ray Bowls, now available in a limited tenth-anniversary edition from the MoMA Design Store—used a nylon-spandex blend commonly found in hosiery and lingerie, stretched over a simple metal frame to make a colorful cushion for fruit…

Old Bags

This month’s Sacks Appeal exhibition, at the Museum of Art & Culture, in Missoula, Montana, displays an occasionally uneasy alliance between consumerist culture and the first-rank artists—Andy Warhol and Annie Leibowitz among them—who created the more than 70 shopping bags on view. Keith Haring’s cluttered, frenetic design (pictured), which reimagines the handle as a gaping red mouth, is an especially…

The Global Contract

The raging, unregulated world economy is now one we all share. How we reconcile that with the threats facing us will be the moral and technological dilemma of our time.

Getting Warmer

To celebrate October’s Fire Prevention Week, the Home Depot and the Arnell Group are eschewing firemen calendars (and other hot ephemera) for a more useful project. Their Home Hero fire extinguisher is a simple, sleek, and ergonomic upgrade of the clunky 150-year-old device that nobody actually seems to own. “We needed to make something that people would be proud to…