Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine October 2008


Pragmatic Idealism

Docey Lewis balances humanitarian impulses with the bottom line in setting up design collaborations with traditional artisans.

Pro-Bono Architecture

John Peterson is the founder of Public Archi­tecture, an advocacy group dedicated to making architecture more socially engaged. The organization’s 1% program, which has recruited nearly 400 firms to its cause, encourages pro-bono service by architects and designers.

Pet Project

Pet products are a natural lure for designers—judging from the Best in Show–style theatrics at August’s Pet Fashion Week NY, people are happy to dig deep in their wallets for ­­Fluffy’s Swarovski-studded throne. Fortunately, industrial-design preoccupations such as simple forms, eco-friendly materials, and social responsibility also seem to be coming to a dog dish near you. Here are a few…

Public-Interest Architecture

A new generation of design activists is helping to reshape the role of contemporary architects.

Also featuring Bryan Bell, Teddy Cruz, John Peterson, and Sergio Palleroni

New Malls, Old Ideas

With a handful of new retail projects, several major architects are attempting to bring the much derided mall into the 21st century. But is good design enough?

The Good Life?

A survey of leisure activities on the New York waterfront leaves a lot to be desired—in particular, something to drink.

Do the Strand

A young furniture designer combines traditional craftsmanship with a cheap, sustainable wood product.

Yours for a Price

It used to be that if you wanted to enjoy one of India Mahdavi’s chic little tables you had to hobnob with the demimonde at London’s Bungalow 8, where £10 will buy you a cocktail, if not much dignity. Now, through Ralph Pucci Inter­national, the Parisian designer’s furniture is available in the United States. The 18-piece collection includes the Flower…

Innovation from the Innovators

Metropolis asked some of the world’s most forward-thinking architectural and engineering firms to name their newest green products and systems. Their responses provide a snapshot of state-of-the-art green building.