Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine October 2009


Carbon-Neutral Furnishings?

Is is one thing—and devilishly difficult at that—to create a carbon-neutral building. But what about the products and materials inside? Can they be carbon neutral as well? The short answer is, theoretically, yes—but there are two huge roadblocks that make real carbon neutrality still very much a speculative exercise for most manufacturers. The first is the nature of products, which…


The recent restoration of the Darwin D. Martin House, in Buffalo, raises some vexing questions about authenticity.

Past Imperfect

Interiors like the ones in Metropolis contributor Eva Hagberg’s new book, Dark Nostalgia (The Monacelli Press; $45), always get a rise around here. Anything less than high Modernism, it seems, just will not do. Nevertheless, antlers, hides, and salvaged goods have permeated the spaces that we haunt of late, and the author has captured the trend before we slough it…

Retail Portfolio

Apparently, now is the time to hang your shingle in northern Georgia. “Everything already existed, so we had nothing to lose but our pride,” Bill Grant says of his design studio’s new venture. The Store at Grant Collaborative opened last June in downtown Canton, 45 minutes north of Atlanta, after a nonprofit left the ground floor of the three-story building…

Retail Therapy

These days it is stores themselves that need a boost, and when it comes to navigating a tough economy, innovative designs and concepts are proving key.

Best in Tow?

Brooklyn invests in a greener impound facility, but it’s unclear if the gesture will win public approval.

Carbon Neutral Now

Two new projects, at radically different scales, underscore the challenges facing designers who want to combat climate change aggressively.