Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine September 2006


Great Plains Urbanism

The conservative, pragmatic Midwestern city of Omaha, Nebraska, institutes one of the country’s most progressive sets of urban-design standards.

Peter Eisenman

Peter Eisenman answers a few questions on architecture, inspiration, and process—using his thumbs.

Designis Personae

The architecture crit—that tragicomic rite of passage—often has a cast of characters worthy of Shakespeare.

Family Circus

In this third incarnation of Le Cirque, Sirio Maccioni and Adam D. Tihany resume a collaboration that has helped change the face of American dining.

Sweet Sedum

Green-roof technology now offers a host of options—from the humble patch of grass to sophisticated feats of structural engineering.

View From the Bridge

A slice of Hollywood East set amid the industrial squalor of Queens, Silvercup Studios plays host to a new featured performer: New York’s largest green roof.