Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine September 2007



Why do we insist on sealing ourselves inside glass boxes when there are more nuanced ways to experience life?

Dial M For Middle-Aged

Do baby boomers need their own specially designed telephone? Philips thinks so: its XL 340 is a cordless phone with subtle enhancements aimed at the 47-to-61-year-old set. The keys are large and well spaced (no reading glasses required), the on-screen menus are easy to navigate, and the call quality is crisp and interference-free. Now if only your remote control were…

Risom Redux

Among 91-year-old furniture designer Jens Risom’s extensive oeuvre, it’s hard to find an uncomely curve. But beyond his seminal pieces for Knoll, very little of his work is still in production. Two years ago Ralph Pucci International remedied the situation somewhat with a collection of 30 or so reeditions originally issued in the 1950s and ’60s, and recently it brought…

Airtight Case

OXO’s new POP containers will put your tired Tupperware to shame. Available in 11 sizes, the stackable bins form an airtight seal with the push of a button, which also serves as a convenient handle to lift off the lid. Prevent foods from going stale—or being invaded by critters—before you’ve had a chance to eat them (the foods, not the…


To Red Start Design, jewelry is more than ornamentation. Its pointed Subtle Safety Ring was in the 2005 MoMA exhibition Safe: Design Takes on Risk. Now the San Francisco–based firm is treating tools like precious stones. More than just stylish, insists cofounder Amanda Knox, Level and Compass rings symbolize “the importance of balance and direction in life.” September 1, 2007…

Brand Loyalty

In architecture and interior design, “branding” is often a bad idea. Too frequently it means applying existing identities (logos, color schemes) to a large-scale project that should properly be grounded in other concerns (form, user experience). But the new flagship store for affordable-design giant Umbra, which opened in downtown Toronto last June, is a rare instance of brand-as-architecture that actually…

New Uniforms

­Arik Levy responds to the pervasiveness of athletic wear with a fashion-forward line for urbanites.


What began as an experiment in (relative) modesty has been subsumed by raging Hamptons excess.

Jet Green

Boeing’s new Dreamliner packs an array of enhancements to benefit passengers as well as the environment.