Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine September 2007


Jet Green

Boeing’s new Dreamliner packs an array of enhancements to benefit passengers as well as the environment.

Hear Color, See Sound

Architect Christopher Janney’s playful public art acts as an aural and light-filled salve to the alienating effects of the built environment.


Why do we insist on sealing ourselves inside glass boxes when there are more nuanced ways to experience life?

Dial M For Middle-Aged

Do baby boomers need their own specially designed telephone? Philips thinks so: its XL 340 is a cordless phone with subtle enhancements aimed at the 47-to-61-year-old set. The keys are large and well spaced (no reading glasses required), the on-screen menus are easy to navigate, and the call quality is crisp and interference-free. Now if only your remote control were…