Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine September 2008


Baby Weight

Babies need to be weighed regularly to check their development, but most infant scales are cumbersome, ugly, and cold to the touch. Taiwan’s Duck Image has envisioned an alternative that is equal parts 2001 and Homer Simpson. The Bubble Infant Scale prototype, which also received a Red Dot Award this year, is made of transparent plastic bubbles (resembling donuts) that…

Pills’ Progress

Having your doctor poke you whenever it’s time to take your medicine could get a bit tiresome. Thank­fully, there’s Helping Hand Data Capture, a new device from Medi­com, Bang & Olufsen’s medical-products division, which reminds you with beeps and colored lights that it’s time to swallow a pill. The svelte design, a Red Dot Award winner this year, also connects…

Health and Happiness

Architex’s Rx 7000 collection, which won a NeoCon Gold Award over the summer, combines soothing imagery with durable Trevira CS fiber that can withstand the beating it’s likely to encounter as a hospital privacy curtain, drapery, or bedspread. Two patterns by Angela Adams (Happy is pictured) stand out for their handsome geometry and bold colors. Adams’s Pop naturalism may not…

Blob Mentality

A home-improvement project by Greg Lynn evolves into the Blobwall, a modular wall system produced by Panelite.

Murray Moss

Murray Moss answers a few questions on design retail, life, and inspiration—using his thumbs.

The Chinese Century

Thomas J. Campanella’s new book explores the implications—and contradictions—of China’s rapid urbanization.

Back on Track?

­A show devoted to the early impact of trains opens just as railways in the United States are showing new signs of life.