Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine September 2009


Green Rx

Until not too long ago, the phrase “green hospital” was a contradiction in terms, and for good reason: health-care facili­ties are large, complex, 24/7 institutions, burdened with heavy energy loads and severe code restrictions. However, this is (slowly) changing. The U.S. Green Build­ing Council is currently developing a version of LEED for health care, and there are an encouraging number…

Street Style

  In a year when infrastructure was a political buzzword, it’s no surprise that cities have recaptured our imagination. Towering skyscrapers, detailed street maps, and geometric city grids have popped up on everything from wallpaper to housewares and handkerchiefs. Pictured without the teeming crowds and steady din of urban life, these romanticized visions of our grandest historical achievements also reveal…

Mixing It Up

Working with a rotating group of artists and designers, the L.A.-based firm Commune relies on a gritty authenticity to create beautiful artifice.

Doing Well by Doing Good

They may be driven by the best of intentions or sense unique marketing opportunities. But companies large and small are discovering that undertaking socially responsible initiatives—being part of the solution—can have a positive effect on the bottom line.