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Urban Outfitters Inflatable icebergs are the design world’s latest answer to ugly vacant lots. But before the recession, downtown Manhattan had come up with another idea: “Re:Construction, a public-art initiative. One of its most popular projects is “Walking Men 99”,…

Five-Star Reception

Some of our favorite architects and interior designers take us on an evocative tour of their ultimate hotel spaces, places, and experiences.

People Power

The Oakland Museum of California—a groundbreaking building designed by Roche Dinkeloo in the 1960s—gets a loving and respectful renovation by Mark Cavagnero Architects.

Vital Signs

Etched metal fabric offers architects a range of options for signage, daylighting, and solar shading.

Very Cozy Outfits

“I like kids,” says Maira Kalman, the artist known for her humorous (and often poignant) illustrations for the New Yorker and the New York Times. “They are funny and they eat things and they run around, and then they sleep…