Point of View - Point of View March 2009


Kanye West’s Design-Blog Faux Pas

When not producing, rapping, mixing it up with the paparazzi, or playing death matches of Connect Four with his celebrity friends, the world’s last Renaissance man, Kanye West, is blogging. About everything. On his site, there are categories you might expect to see (music, fashion, girls, cars) and several you might not (architecture, furniture, lighting). Not that I’m shocked by…

Behind the March Cover

She’d been a designer at Rolling Stone for fifteen years, she knew how to make something stand out in Times Square, and she received the AIGA medal last year. Why not ask her to design the March cover? Well, not only did we get to collaborate with Gail Anderson, but I think most of the SpotCo design team came with…

Friday Links

Acronyms unite! USGBC’s LEED, UK’s BREAM, and Australia’s Green Star to set standard metrics for green buildings…and more.

Do You Hear the Light?

A silent concert of lighting designs graced the Helen Mills Theater last night for the exhibition Audible Light. New York City students from across the design spectrum competed for cash prizes in the Illuminating Engineering Society’s ninth-annual student lighting competition. Faced with the challenge of translating sound into light without making any noise, approximately 50 entrants played off notions of…