Love Carbon. And choose carbon negative flooring.

When we start seeing carbon as a resource, great things can happen. Taking our cue from nature, we can use carbon as a building block to engineer better products.

Less Carbon. More Beauty.

Our goal is to make products with the lowest carbon footprint possible. Products that go beyond neutral to help restore the health of the planet.

We’ve innovated on ways to work with recycled content and bio-based materials – which has led us to make carpet tiles that store carbon, preventing its release into the atmosphere.

This innovation, coupled with our commitment to lower our carbon footprint across all areas of our business, has driven us to produce our first carbon negative flooring products.

Backings That Give Back.


The next evolution of our GlasBac™ backing. It features the same superior performance with a construction of post-consumer recycled content from carpet tiles, bio-based additives, and pre-consumer recycled materials, which are net carbon negative.


A non-vinyl bio-composite backing made with bio-based and recycled fillers which are net carbon negative.


Our backing that stores the most carbon. It’s the same material make-up as CQuest™Bio with a higher concentration of carbon negative materials.

Conway Headshot 2019 New


Lisa Conway
Vice President of Sustainability,
Interface Americas

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