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At Keilhauer our sustainability program is driven by our goal of closed-loop manufacturing, in which there is no waste, and where materials are cycled back into the system to minimize environmental impact.

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1: Product

Every material that enters and leaves our facilities undergoes a rigorous material assessment. We identify and replace any human or environmental hazards with healthy alternatives. This has led us to use water-based zero-VOC glues, to replace PVC edge banding with ABS alternatives, and to eliminate Red List chemicals.

2: Facilities

We are constantly striving to keep our facilities at their most sustainable. We reduce electricity usage where possible by using timed lighting, exterior energy-saving LED bulbs, and with efficient HVAC equipment upgrades. We also offset 100% of our facility’s electricity use with Renewable Energy Certificates. 

3: Community

We extend our sustainability initiatives to our employees and the community: employees are encouraged to take advantage of our unique recycling streams such as lightbulbs, writing instruments, and batteries, to reduce the waste they produce at home. Our leftover fabric and leather offcuts are donated to local charities, community, and indigenous groups for use in art, design, and education. 



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Keilhauer Corporate Sustainability Report

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Josie Abate,
Sustainability Officer,

Connect with me on closed-loop manufacturing and low-carbon design. 

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