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MAMAGREEN – Making A Difference In Outdoor Design

The name MAMAGREEN is meant to invoke thoughts of Mother Earth. It stands for our promise to create beautiful outdoor furniture using an environmentally friendly and socially responsible process.

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2020 Hospitality Lookbook

Aiko Dining Table

2020 Residential Lookbook

Made Responsibly 

95% of the teak used by MAMAGREEN is reclaimed from abandoned buildings, the remainder comes from certified sustainable sources. 35% of waste is upcycled internally, 30% sold for recycling into panels, and 35% sold for energy processing.

All used metal waste is recycled into cast alloys. Less than 25% of aluminum is sent to waste. Less than 30% of stainless steel is sent to waste. Less than 15% of steel is sent to waste.

30% of textiles used results in waste. 60% is upcycled for bags benefiting our workers association. Less than 5% non toxic waste is disposed in landfills.


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Care and Maintenance

Mamagreen 221 Canopy Singel Installation 2 360x280x250h Cm Stainless Stell Frame With Batyline Drapery

SOMBRERO shade solutions

Mamagreen Bondi Adirondack Styzzy Stool Scaled


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William Kruzel, Partner, MAMAGREEN

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