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The most sustainable way to sample materials.

Material Bank® solves the massive inefficiencies and waste of searching and sampling materials in the architecture and design industry. With 240+ brands on a single site, Material Bank combines sample orders from multiple brands into a single box—eliminating the need for separate shipments and reducing wasteful energy, packaging, transportation and more.

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Search, Sample and Specify in Seconds.

The world’s largest materials marketplace in the A&D industry.

Material Bank’s revolutionary platform powers complex searches across hundreds of brands in seconds. Samples ordered by midnight (ET) are delivered in a single box by 10:30 AM the next dayalways free for design professionals. Learn more. 

Material Bank’s proprietary packaging reduces waste.

The Material Bank tray safely delivers material samples without the need for excess packaging materials such as peanuts and bubble wrap. The same tray converts into a return box, allowing unneeded samples to be sent back to a single location, at no cost, to be reused.

Material Bank Facts

1: Saves Time

Material Bank saves the average user over 5 hours per week when searching and sampling materials.

2: Eliminates Waste

Material Bank members and Brand Partners will help save over 800,000 needless packages from being shipped in 2020.

3: Reuses Samples

With the easiest way to return samples, Material Bank has reclaimed and reused more design samples than any other company in the world.

Discover Sustainable Materials

1. Low Emissions, High Style

Low Emissions, High Style

2. Recycle And Refresh

Recycle and Refresh

3. Renewable Resources

Renewable Resources


As trained design professionals, our experts can answer any questions to help you find the materials you need. 

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