Thank you for checking out the 2019 Metropolis Likes NeoCon awards program. The viral awards program #MetropolisLikes returns, with Metropolis editors awarding the top designs of NeoCon 2019. Please come back January 2, 2019 to enter!

Each year, Metropolis editors seek out the top designs that they really like at NeoCon, in a viral awards program known as Metropolis Likes.

The winners of Metropolis Likes NeoCon are announced in our new special supplement Specify, which goes out all Metropolis subscribers with our June issue and is distributed at NeoCon. Winners are also announced via, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to a combined audience of over 275,000 followers.

Images of the winning product designs, product names, and short descriptions are included in the announcements. Metropolis followers are also invited to visit exhibition spaces, showrooms, and booths of winners (whenever possible given character limit). Winning entries will also receive a custom designed award, delivered live at NeoCon, so it can be displayed for all to see in your showroom, booth, or exhibition space.