2×4 for All

For me, the best thing about Rem Koolhaas’s much-hyped design of Prada’s New York “epicenter,” in the early oughties, was not the 180-foot zebrawood half-pipe so much as the wallpaper—a rotating selection of  slyly subversive graphic themes (with titles like Guilt and Vomit) by the New York design studio 2×4. Now even those of us who can’t afford to shop at Prada can have a little of 2×4’s visual savvy in our daily lives: The wall-graphic company Blik—which sells giant, removable stickers as a decorative alternative to wallpaper and painting—announced today that it is carrying four decal sets by the 2×4 team (including “Modular Icons,” above). The prices range from $25 to $55 per set; check out more photos of the new line after the jump.


This is the large version of “Modular Icons.”


Thought Bubbles


Punctuation Flowers

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