Fiberglass Fluidity

Sixty years in, Vladimir Kagan has found something new. Kagan, the furniture designer whose signature forms–organic and sinuous–made him an important figure in midcentury Modernism, this month unveils a new line of furniture built entirely in fiberglass. It’s the first time the designer’s worked in the medium, but, according to Kagan, the effort fits an aesthetic he’s played with throughout his career; cast from full-sized clay molds, the chairs retain the fluidity of his original designs. The best thing about working in a new medium? “I have the great flexibility of being very animated and sculptural,” says the octogenarian. “It’s liberating.”

View more photos of the new collection, available through Ralph Pucci International, after the jump.

Pucci_20091027_Entrance_010Photos: courtesy Ralph Pucci International

Pucci_20091027_Entrance_039Pucci_20091027_Entrance_044Previously: We looked at a printed retrospective of Pucci exhibitions–and Pucci mannequins, which have been designed and produced in the company’s New York headquarters since 1954. (The Kagan collection will be made in the same in-house workshop.)

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