A Lounge Collection Punches Above its Weight

Eklund, from National Office Furniture, is the flexible and stylish solution today's unconventional workspaces require.

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S3v2 Eklund 20

Courtesy National Office Furniture

Today’s unconventional spaces require solutions that are flexible and versatile, yet stylish and welcoming. National’s newest lounge collection, Eklund, is an innovative product that allows facilities to create vignettes and rearrange them as needs change. The optional privacy panels create acoustical and visual privacy as well as a sense of protection, adding to Eklund’s practicality and purpose.

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Courtesy National Office Furniture

With modularity that’s reconfigurable time after time, Eklund’s comprehensive portfolio of lounge, personal nook, rocker, and tables offers all of the components to create comfortable environments for a variety of needs. Eklund features a tapered wood leg option or metal leg, providing design flexibility and the opportunity to add a punch of color with over 20 metal finish options for the leg and privacy screen brackets. With integrated power and data modules, as well as a tablet arm option, Eklund provides thoughtful solutions for grand or petite spaces.

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Courtesy National Office Furniture

In addition to Eklund’s portfolio depth, its organic shape adds a sense of warmth and comfort. Its sweeping, flowing curves and inviting aesthetic entice guests, creating a familiar and homey ambiance. Eklund has the flexibility and beauty to unify spaces through its comprehensive offering and satisfy even the most discerning of guests.

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