Pact, from Keilhauer, Is a Compact Solution for Any Work Style

Designed by Austrian Firm EOOS to support the "Thinker's Pose," the full collection includes ambidextrous swivel chairs, bench seating, and more.

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Pact was designed by Austrian firm EOOS for Keilhauer as a versatile and compact seating solution. Courtesy Keilhauer

Designers routinely rely on all kinds of tools to dream up and test new ideas, from physical models and 3D renderings to the old-fashioned sketch. Pact, designed by Austrian firm EOOS for Keilhauer, has its origins in more hands-on experimentation. Years ago, designers at EOOS cobbled together a seating experiment in their office. Intended to support a “thinker’s pose,” it featured an armless chair in the center, a barstool on the left-hand side and a side table made taller by a stack of books on the right.

“It was the perfect scenario for phone calls or serious thinking because you can hold your head or phone with one hand using the barstool as support and with the other hand you can take notes on the high side-table. Martin [Bergmann, cofounder of EOOS] was sitting in this for years and loved it but we had no idea how to go further,” says fellow cofounder Gernot Bohmann.

Their readymade remained an ergonomic and poetic experiment until Keilhauer came along looking for a seating solution that was tailored to making and taking calls, he says.

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Pact is also available in a bench version. Courtesy Keilhauer

The resulting chair, dubbed Pact, is a translation of the original idea into a space efficient form ideal for any office. It features one back, one arm, one tablet, and a swivel base. By rotating the chair, the back becomes the arm, accommodating both right-handed and left-handed users.

The chair then became the core around which EOOS designed an entire collection of space efficient and reconfigurable seating options. A selection of booth seating that is available with an array of different backs and privacy screens enable users to create a space within a space. “The idea is to support different behaviors,” explains Bohmann. “We believe the furniture has to offer choice to the user and the user has to have the freedom to work how they like.”

Though it offers a wide variety of seating solutions, the Pact collection consists of only a few distinct parts. Along with the fact that the seating elements are quite compact, this makes Pact efficient to manufacture, saving on raw materials and reducing its overall ecological footprint. Furthermore, explains Bohmann, the design is intended to last. “We tried to design it in a very archetypical way, so it stands the test of time,” he says.

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